Baloch activists remember Nawab Akbar Bugti
Baloch activists remember Nawab Akbar Bugti

Baloch activists remember Nawab Akbar Bugti on his death anniversary

ANI | Updated: Aug 26, 2018 22:48 IST

Geneva/ London [Switzerland/UK], Aug 26 (ANI): Baloch activists on Sunday paid tributes to Nawab Akbar Bugti, who is known as the `Father of the Baloch Nation' on his 12th death anniversary.
It was on 26 August 2006, Bugti was killed in an army operation in Kohlu district in Balochistan following an order by the then Pakistan's army chief, General Pervez Musharraf. His death had led to widespread unrest in the area.
Bugti, who served as the former chief minister and governor of Balochistan, Pakistan's largest and resource-rich province, was involved in the fight against exploitation of natural resources and forceful occupation of Balochistan.
On his 12th death anniversary, the Baloch, living in various parts of the world paid tributes to him and raised demand for an end to the forceful occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan.

Brahumgadh Bugti, the grandson of Nawab Akbar Bugti and founder of Baloch Republican Party (BRP), who now lives in exile in Geneva took to Twitter and said, "12 years since my grandfather, father of the nation #ShaheedNawabAkbarBugti sacrificed his life struggling for his people. The Baloch nation & the world remembering & paying tribute to him today shows he won and his enemies faced humiliating defeat."
The spokesperson of BRP, Sher Mohammed Bugti said, "We were very lucky to have had a leader like #ShaheedNawabAkbarBugti who made so many headships easy and struggle to make sure that the Baloch people enjoy their basic rights and live how they deem fit for themselves."
In Germany's Cottbus, a seminar was organized by Baloch Republican Students' Organisation (BRSO) to pay tribute to Akbar Bugti.
"I will be beheaded but will never bow my head before the oppressor and occupier", said Mohammed Baloch, an activist of BRP quoting Nawab Akbar Bugti during the seminar.
Speaking to ANI, a Baloch political activist in Germany Ashraf Sherjan said, "Nawab Bugti was a staunch democrat who had strong faith in left-wing politics. He would not shut the door on negotiations until the last minute. Having remained politically active for five decades, Bugti's figure looms large on the politics of Balochistan. He also has tremendous contributions towards Baloch nationalism."
He added, "On the question of Bugti's life and legacy as that of a typical Sardar or a nationalist, there cannot be any doubt that he raised his voice for the rights of the oppressed people and this earned him great accolade."
Events were also held in South Korea, Canada, the United Kingdom and many European countries where the exiled Baloch activists paid tributes and remembered their leader Akbar Bugti. (ANI)