Protesters on Saturday at the Put It To The People march in London, UK
Protesters on Saturday at the Put It To The People march in London, UK

Brexit is a complete, utter mess: London Mayor

ANI | Updated: Mar 24, 2019 01:06 IST

London [UK], Mar 24 (ANI): At least one million people took to the streets here on Saturday to protest against UK Prime Minister Theresa May's handling of the Brexit process, demanding for a second referendum to be held, according to campaign group People's Vote UK - the organiser of the protest.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who was one the attendees, launched a scathing attack against May. However, he wasn't the only one to do so; there were continuous calls for May to step down from her post during Saturday's protest.
"No matter how you voted, I’m sure you’ll agree - #Brexit is a complete and utter mess. The British people didn't vote for a bad Brexit deal. The British people didn't vote for a no-deal Brexit. It's time to give us - the British people - the final say. #PeoplesVote," Khan tweeted.
"With just days left to go, let the message ring out from the many thousands here today. This is about our future, not our past. This is about uniting our country, not dividing us further. Enough is enough - it's time to #PutItToThePeople," read another tweet. 

May has previously rejected the idea of holding a second referendum and said, "The last general elections, 80 per cent of the votes were cast for Members of Parliament who stood on a manifesto to honour that decision, respect the (first) referendum. I think the time is now to deliver for the British people. The time is now to make the decision."
In 2016, over 50 per cent of the UK electorate voted to leave the EU, following which the British government triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, beginning the country's process of its exit from the European bloc. The then-Prime Minister David Cameron, who supported continued membership to the EU, resigned, making way for May to take charge.
Demonstrators gathered at the Parliament Square on Saturday to take part in the 'Put It To The People March' and demanded that a second referendum be held.
"The result of the 2016 referendum was not well informed," one of the protesters told CNN. Roads were closed in central London to aid the protests, which ended around 5 pm in the evening (local time).
Uncertainty looms even as UK looks at an extended period to exit from the EU.
The bloc agreed to extend Article 50 till May 22, provided the British Parliament supports the Withdrawal Deal next week when May holds a meaningful vote. If the Parliament rejects the deal again, the UK will be given an extension only till April 12, according to Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council. (ANI)