A bus exploded in Tegelbacken on Sunday morning.
A bus exploded in Tegelbacken on Sunday morning.

Bus explodes in central Stockholm after ramming into tunnel

ANI | Updated: Mar 10, 2019 23:58 IST

Stockholm [Sweden], Mar 10 (ANI): A bus exploded inside a tunnel at Tegelbacken, Central Stockholm, on Sunday morning (local time) with no person on board, local media reported.
New York Times quoted the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reporting that there were no casualties. However, the bus driver who suffered serious injuries has been reportedly shifted to the hospital.
Confirming the incident, the Swedish Police took to Twitter saying, "10 mars 11:25, Kontroll person/fordon, Stockholm En buss som brinner vid Tegelbacken. Polis på plats för att ta redan på mer. Inga passagerare ska ha varit i bussen. (A bus that burns at Tegelbacken. Police in place to take already more. No passengers should have been on the bus.)"
Initially, the accident was considered to be an act of terrorism. However, the explosion occurred after the bus hit the roof of the tunnel. The Stockholm police told the newspaper that the bus ran on natural gas.
Spokesperson of the Stockholm Fire Department, Tony Frank, said: “A bus has exploded, we are at the scene."
Witnesses of the accident informed that plumes of black smoke were seen rising from the wreckage of the bus and stretched above nearby buildings after the explosion.
Investigations into the matter are still underway. Further details are awaited. (ANI)