British Prime Minister Theresa May (File photo)
British Prime Minister Theresa May (File photo)

Can't pass Brexit deal without Labour Party's backing: Theresa May

ANI | Updated: Apr 08, 2019 02:14 IST

London [UK], Apr 8 (ANI): Amid the political chaos surrounding the UK's exit from the European Union, British Prime Minister Theresa May has admitted that her beleaguered Brexit deal will get a green signal only if it is supported by the opposition Labour Party.
May said that her deal negotiated with the EU was rejected thrice by the British Parliament and there was no chance of the agreement getting another approval in its current form.
"Given that Parliament has also made clear it will oppose a no-deal Brexit, the only way to secure a deal was through a compromise with Labour", CNN quoted May as saying in a statement released on Sunday.
"If we cannot secure a majority among Conservative and Democratic Unionist Party MPs we have no choice but to reach out across the House of Commons," she added.
May's comments on her failure to get the Brexit deal passed in the Parliament is an admission that her previous approach of trying to win over the hardline elements of her Conservative Party failed.
However, the remarks made by the 62-year-old leader is likely to ignite yet another political debate on her way of handling the Brexit process.
The Labour Party, which has criticised the Brexit process several times, is in favour of the UK remaining in a customs union with the EU after the country leaves the European bloc. However, the party is in two minds whether to ask the electorate to ratify any deal in a second referendum.
Interestingly, in an apparent shift of stance, May did not rule out the possibility of a second referendum or a customs union, saying both Labour and Conservative parties are committed to preventing unrestricted immigration from the EU after Brexit.
"The fact is that on Brexit there are areas where the two main parties agree: We both want to end free movement, we both want to leave with a good deal, and we both want to protect jobs," May further stated.
"That is the basis for a compromise that can win a majority in Parliament and winning that majority is the only way to deliver Brexit," she said.
Meanwhile, May will pay another visit to Brussels on April 10 to meet EU leaders at a special summit. The British Prime Minister will attempt to seek a short extension to delay the Brexit process to June 30.
Unless the EU is in favour of the delay, the UK is due to leave the EU without a deal on April 12. Several business tycoons and economists have warned of chaos in the case of no-deal Brexit.
No resolution seems to be in sight for the UK as the British Parliament had earlier rejected a "no-deal Brexit" scenario, besides rejecting May's Brexit deal thrice.
On April 3, May had engaged in "constructive" talks with Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn in an attempt to end the Brexit deadlock.
The EU, on the other hand, has reiterated on multiple occasions that the previously negotiated Withdrawal Agreement is the best that can be put on offer.
May had earlier announced that she would step down if her deal was passed in the British Parliament. Despite the rejection, demands from parliamentarians regarding her resignation have intensified. (ANI)