Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) founder Altaf Hussain deliberates on coronavirus
Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) founder Altaf Hussain deliberates on coronavirus

COVID-19: Altaf Hussain urges people to stay safe

ANI | Updated: Mar 27, 2020 14:34 IST

London [UK], Mar 27 (ANI): Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) founder Altaf Hussain has urged people to isolate themselves and stay indoors to safeguard themselves from the coronavirus as there is no medical treatment available to fight the contagious infection.
Hussain, taking to social media, deliberated on COVID19 that originated in China, and has spread across the world today.
He recalled China's SARS epidemic which appeared in 2002 and infected nearly 8000 people in many countries.
The SARS (Sever Acute Respiratory Syndrome) is an acute disease which affects the respiratory system of the human body, resulting in death. The #COVID19 also belongs to a similar strain of SARS virus and the symptoms are no less virulent, but it is even more deadly and fatal than the earlier infection, Hussain noted.
He added that there are millions of viruses that attack the human body but because of the immune system, these viruses fail to enter the body.
He said that the coronavirus is a powerful virus that is rapidly transmitting from one human to another and severely affecting the immune system, leading to the death of a large number of people.
Suggesting social distancing as the only way to keep oneself safe from the virus attack, the MQM leader said that killer bug is not attacking any particular region, religion, or nationality, but is a pandemic. "The whole of humanity is victim of it," he stressed.
The MQM leader further appealed to the people to take maximum precautions to keep safe and to avoid social events. "We also canceled the MQM foundation Day gathering. You should also avoid meeting people, visiting shops, businesses, and just stay within your homes," he added.
Hussain also appealed to cleaning and washing the hands frequently.
He told the people to refrain from visiting the mosque to pray and remember the Holy Prophet while staying at homes and seek his blessings amid such a health crisis.
Hussian also appreciated and extended his "heartfelt appreciation" to the workers by delivering rations and necessary goods to the people" during the hour of need.
He finally prayed that Allah should protect all humans from the plague of #COVID19 and remove all problems. (ANI)