Data on 87 mn Facebook users shared with Cambridge Analytica

ANI | Updated: Apr 05, 2018 03:08 IST

United Kingdom [London], April 5 (ANI): Data on more than 87 million Facebook users was reportedly shared with UK based analytics firm Cambridge Analytica, much more than the 50 million previously estimated.

As per a blog post by Facebook's Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer, third-party developers could interact with the Facebook via an application programming interface through which the third parties extract the user's data, reported The Guardian.

Further, it was reported that Facebook was making changes to protect the user's personal information.

Following these changes, the Facebook will no longer allow the developers to access the users' lists or their wall posts of an event scheduled on the platform.

In case the developers wish to access the data regarding an event posted on the Facebook, they will first need to get the permission from group's administrator.

Further, the Facebook has tightened its review process for applications, requiring information including location check-ins, photos, and posts.

It has also restricted the access to users' information including their religious or political views, relationship status, education, work history, fitness activity, news habits and activity related to news, video and games consumption.

Schroepfer told The Guardian that Facebook will also remove a tool that allows the people to search for someone on Facebook using their phone number or email address.

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica leak, Facebook has asked the former to delete the users' data and revoke its access to the Facebook's application programming interface. (ANI)