Former German president Puigdemont released on bail

ANI | Updated: Apr 06, 2018 01:49 IST

London [United Kingdom], April 6 (ANI): A north Germany court granted bail to former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont accused of corruption among other serious charges.

The district court in Schleswig on Thursday set bail for the 55-year-old at €75,000 (£66,000), as reported by The Guardian.

Puigdemont was convicted in multiple cases of corruption, conducting an unsanctioned independence referendum and to rebel against the rebellious against the ruling government.

Earlier on March 25, the Puigdemont was arrested on a Spanish-issued warrant as he attempted to enter Germany via Finland.

Further court proceedings shall determine if he shall be continued to be extradited on the corruption charges. (ANI)