File pic of Baloch protest in London
File pic of Baloch protest in London

Free Balochistan Movement to organise programs in Austria, Germany and Canada on Nov 13

ANI | Updated: Nov 07, 2019 19:59 IST

London [UK], Nov 7 (ANI): The Free Balochistan Movement (FBM) has announced to organise programs in Austria, Germany, and Canada on November 13 to pay tributes to Baloch activists who lost their lives during the freedom struggle.
The FBM statement to media further read that, like other nations of the world, the Baloch people have chosen a National Remembrance Day to pay tributes to their fallen heroes of the national liberation struggle. The Baloch nation celebrates November 13 as the 'Baloch Martyrs Day (National Remembrance Day) every year.
The Baloch nation is well aware of its historical significance on November 13, on this day, in 1839; when the occupation and expansionist army of British imperialism besieged the Kalat state with the intention to occupy Balochistan. The Baloch ruler at the time along with his companions revolted against the British army in defence of their motherland.
The ruler of Balochistan at the time, Mir Khan Mehrab Khan, along with his comrades, fought until the last breath to defend the Baloch national dignity and the Baloch land, knowing the fact the British invading army was superior to his men in numbers but their resolve and determination was greater than that of their enemy.
The Baloch fighters recorded history by not surrendering before the enemy and embraced martyrdom on November 13, 1839, to prove that they love for Balochistan's freedom and sovereignty is greater than the love of their lives.
The Free Balochistan Movement in its statement said that Baloch martyrs have nourished the Baloch freedom struggle with their precious lives against occupiers and strengthen the ongoing Baloch struggle for freedom.
On the same day, different programs will be organised from Party's platform in the Austrian cities of Salzburg, Canada's Vancouver city and in different cities of Germany to inform the world about Baloch resistance and liberation struggle against the occupation of Balochistan. The message of Baloch freedom struggle for a prosperous, peaceful and independent Baloch country will be spread around the world.
In its statement, the FBM also said that there will be an online campaign on social media using hashtag '#13NovBalochMartyrsDay' to highlight the importance of November 13 and sacrifices of Baloch martyrs of freedom struggle.
FBM has requested all pro-freedom Baloch activists, national and international supporters of Baloch freedom struggle, social media activists, human rights activists and all freeborn peoples around the world to join the online campaign to express their support for Baloch freedom movement. The online campaign will continue from the morning of November 13 till the end of the day.
Emphasising on the importance of, November 13, 1839, the Free Balochistan Movement said that when the British army invaded Balochistan, the ruler of the Baloch state Mir Mehrab Khan, instead of surrendering before the enemy, chose the path of resistance and embraced martyrdom while defending motherland.
Hence, all Baloch should unite and jointly pay tributes for the martyrs of liberation struggle on this day and pledge that we (Baloch nation) will continue for the struggle for an independent Balochistan where all citizen will be treated equally, laws of the land will be prioritised. And we pledge that our struggle for national freedom will continue until we free ourselves from the yoke of Pakistani and Iranian occupation forces and regain our independence and sovereignty. (ANI)