The Yellow Vest protesters in Strasbourg, France on April 27 (Photo/Reuters)
The Yellow Vest protesters in Strasbourg, France on April 27 (Photo/Reuters)

Fresh round of protests hit France despite Macron's proposals

ANI | Updated: Apr 27, 2019 18:44 IST

Paris [France], Apr 27 (ANI): A fresh wave of the Yellow Vest protests hit France on Saturday, despite French President Emmanuel Macron's conference earlier this week where a string of proposals aimed at pacifying the protesters were introduced.
Protesters descended on the streets in the French cities of Paris, Lyon, Toulouse and Strasbourg, to name a few, on Saturday as demonstrations entered into their 24th week.
The police barred protesters from holding rallies in front of European Union offices in Strasbourg, according to Sputnik.   
Macron's proposed taxes on fuel had initially triggered protests in mid-November last year.
The French President unveiled an 'economic and social emergency plan' in the wake of the protests in November last year. He scrapped off the proposed fuel taxes and introduced an initiative to increase the minimum wage by 100 euros a month. Protests continued despite Macron's efforts.
Similarly, Macron held a fresh press conference on Thursday, wherein he pledged a "significant" cut in income tax, especially for the middle-class.
Adding to this, the President also called for additional seats in the lower house of Parliament, or the National Assembly, in order to provide representation to smaller parties, and planned to make proposals for national referendums easier.
Although the number of anti-government demonstrators has declined since a peak in November, protesters clashed with police for the 23rd weekend last Saturday. (ANI)