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The International Centre against Terrorism Geneva.
The International Centre against Terrorism Geneva.

Geneva Chapter on counter-terrorism raises China blocking UN move to designate global terrorists

ANI | Updated: Nov 27, 2022 22:39 IST

Geneva [Switzerland], November 27 (ANI): The International Centre against Terrorism, Geneva raised the issue of China blocking the United Nations' move to designate global terrorists while paying tribute to the 26/11 victims of the Mumbai terrorist attacks on its 14th anniversary.
The group organised an important conference on "Let's raise the voices of victims together after 14 Years of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of the Mumbai Terrorist Attacks" and was attended by a panel of experts from various countries.
The panellists stressed the role of international criminal justice and cooperation between states in the rehabilitation of victims of terrorism.
The lack of cooperation and mutual legal assistance as in the case of Pakistani Jihadist militant Sajid Mir, whom China blocked in the Security Council to avoid his being blacklisted by the United Nations, said the press release.
The panel of speakers included -Pratik Dattani, Director of Bridge India Foundation, London; Prof K Warikoo, Secretary general, Himalayan Research and Cultural Foundation, Delhi; Stephane Michot, President of IDEAL International, Paris; Priyajit Debsarkar, Author and geo political analyst, London and Fazul Rahman Afridi, Human rights defender, Khyber Institute France.
The Chairman and coordinator of the event was Biro Diawara, Director of the International Centre Against Terrorism.
Before the start of the meeting, a 12-minute film was shown on the course of the Mumbai attacks. The participants observed a minute's silence in memory of the victims, added the release.

The entire panellist deliberated on the terrible atrocities of terrorism and unitedly condemned the attack. Among the dead were 29 foreign nationals.
In the same framework, an exhibition took place at the Place des Nations Unies. Unlike last year, the exhibition of images of the Mumbai terrorist attacks was a success with more than 230 people visiting, including diplomats, ambassadors, international civil society organisations, UN officials, tourists and Geneva citizens, added the release.
Participants also raised the idea of the need for the creation of a UN voluntary fund for the rehabilitation of victims.
A proposal to hold a multilateral conference to commemorate the victims of terrorism in global capital cities Paris, Delhi and London was suggested in association with a memorial construction enshrining the victims of the terrorism, added the release.
The panellists said that it is about time that the global League of Nations puts together the appropriate definition of terrorism as terror is blunt and makes no consideration towards any race, religion or region.
There is absolutely no justification for legitimizing the idea of a freedom fighter under the guise of violence and shedding the blood of the innocent. The free world should in a unanimous voice condemn the cornerstone of violence and the epicentre of global terrorism (be it either good or bad), the land of pure perpetuates and nurtures the paradise of violence and provides safe sanctuary to its assets, said the release.
Notably, in 2008, 10 Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists (LeT) carried out 12 coordinated shooting and bombing attacks killing at least 166 people and leaving 300 others wounded. Nariman House, a Chabad Lubavitch Jewish centre in Mumbai also known as the Chabad House, was taken over by two attackers and several residents were held, hostage. (ANI)