The Amazon logistics centre in Werne, Germany (Photo/Reuters)
The Amazon logistics centre in Werne, Germany (Photo/Reuters)

Germany: Over 2,000 Amazon workers go on strike over low pay, working conditions

ANI | Updated: Jul 16, 2019 03:06 IST

Berlin [Germany], July 16 (ANI): Over 2,000 Amazon workers across several regions of Germany have gone on strike to protest against low wages and working conditions.
The protests started on Sunday night at Amazon sites in Werne, Rheinberg, Leipzig, Graben, Koblenz and Bad Hersfeld, CNN reported while quoting German union Verdi.
The strikes are being held at a time when the Prime Day Sale is underway, prompting workers to hold the strike under the slogan "No more discount on our incomes."
The demonstrations are slated to go on until Monday at least.
"While Amazon throws huge discounts to its customers on Prime Day, employees lack a living wage," Verdi retail specialist Orhan Akman said.
One of the demands put forth by the protesters includes making collective bargaining agreements compulsory across the European country's retail sector.
"The company must finally recognise collective agreements for the retail and postal sectors; wages and salaries cannot be determined in the style of lord of the manor," Akman added.
As per Verdi, Amazon's workers in Germany have frequently gone on strikes and protests since 2014.
While the strike is underway, Amazon stated that operations have not been affected due to the protests.
"While we don't provide exact numbers, we are seeing very limited participation across Germany with zero operational impact and therefore no impact on customer deliveries," an Amazon spokesperson told CNN Business.
According to UNI Global Union, Amazon workers in the United Kingdom, Spain, and Poland are also holding similar protests. (ANI)