Human rights activists raise concern over CPEC project in Balochistan

ANI | Updated: Sep 23, 2017 03:16 IST

Geneva [Switzerland] Sept. 23 (ANI): Human Rights activists came in support of Balochistan at a side-event at the ongoing 36th session of Human Rights Council here to highlight the growing atrocities of Pakistan on the indigenous people of Balochistan and deteriorating human rights situation as a result of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

The speakers raised the issue of violation of civil and political rights, enforced disappearances, custodial torture and extrajudicial killings of political activists and civilians in Balochistan.

Activist Peter Tatchell said that it has been widely accepted by every 'respectable, responsible and noted Human Right' organization in the world that there has been a decade of human right abuses by Pakistan military and intelligence services.

"We need to end those violation's which clearly contravene international law and which do great damage Pakistan's reputation around the world It is in Pakistan interest as well as the interest of Balochistan," Tatchell told ANI.

Tatchell said that all the decisions on the CPEC has been taken by the Central Pakistan, which is against the wish of the people of Balochistan and will not prove beneficial for them in the long run.

"Many Baloch people have been forcibly displaced because of CPEC, many killed and there is no end to this sight it is only flaming. It is only depriving the people of Balochistan of their right and is need to be stopped," Tatchell said.

Another activist Dr. Glenys Babcock said that the atrocities on Baloch people are being noticed by the international community from quite a long time and it is extremely concerning.

Dr. Babcock said that the CPEC is not is favour of the people of Balochistan adding that some people may benefit economically, but others are losing everything with this.

Meanwhile, Abdul Nawaz Bugti also raised grave concern on the issue and said that Baloch concern regarding the CPEC has been very serious in terms of human right people.

"CPEC is resulting in violation of all right. First of all it is against the wishes of the Baloch people because it is an exploitive policy, which is trying to collaborate with Pakistan in order to convert the Baloch people into a minority and then bring in people from outside and occupy the Baloch land without providing them their right and exploiting all those rights," he said. (ANI)