India tells UN: New Delhi has robust pro-people policies

ANI | Updated: Sep 21, 2017 23:46 IST

Geneva [Switzerland], Sept 21 (ANI): India on Thursday told the United Nations that country has put in place robust socio-eco policies to address needs of people.

Addressing the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) on Thursday, India's permanent representative to UN in Geneva Rajiv K. Chander said, "India has put in place robust socio-eco policies to address the needs of people including health, education, housing, food, security etc"

Chander also said that India's endeavour remains to be progressive and implement the commitments under various human rights instruments.

He also stressed on his stance that, India as a nation, is convinced that inductive and equitable development is the key to securing a life of dignity, security and freedom for all.

He also reiterated India's support to the UPR.

"India is a firm supporter of the periodic review since its inception in 2006. The review platform is conducive to open engagement among member states and other stakeholders to discuss issues relating to human rights." He said.

He also said that the UPR encourages member states to strengthen human rights record and learn from the best practices of others.

Chander said, "As responsible member of UN, India remains committed towards meaningful engagement with International organisations and individual states."

Of the 340 recommendations made by the human rights community to India, several deal with revising the AFSPA (Switzerland, Pakistan), enforced disappearances and impunity of security officials (Japan, Kazakshtan, Greece), equality to same-sex minorities (Ireland), anti-conversion laws (Vatican, Italy), freedom of religion and belief (Pakistan, Germany, Canada, Korea), refugees and stateless people (Kenya, Slovakia), protection of migrant workers (Guatemala, Uruguay), etc. (ANI)