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Prime Minister Narendra Modi participating in G7 Summit
Prime Minister Narendra Modi participating in G7 Summit

India's contribution to global carbon emissions minimal compared to its population: PM Modi at G7 Summit

ANI | Updated: Jun 27, 2022 22:02 IST

Schloss Elmau [Germany], June 27 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the G7 Summit on Monday underlined that India's contribution to global carbon emissions is low as compared to its population and emphasized that the main reason behind this is the country's lifestyle rooted in the theory of "coexistence with nature.
Delivering his speech at the Group of Seven meeting in Schloss Elmau, PM Modi noted India is the fastest-growing big economy in the whole world. But during this whole period, India did not let its commitment to the environment get diluted even a single bit, he added.
The Prime Minister also highlighted India's efforts for green growth, clean energy, sustainable lifestyles and global wellbeing.
"17 per cent of the world's population resides in India. But, our contribution to global carbon emissions is only 5 per cent. The main reason behind this is our lifestyle, which is based on the theory of co-existence with nature," he said at the session on 'Investing in a Better Future: Climate, Energy, Health'.
"When a large country like India shows such ambition, other developing countries also get inspiration. We hope that the rich countries of G-7 will support India's efforts," he added.

PM Modi also pointed out how a huge market for clean energy technologies is emerging in India.
"G-7 countries can invest in research, innovation, and manufacturing in this field. The scale that India can provide for every new technology can make that technology affordable for the whole world. The core theories of the circular economy have been an integral part of Indian culture and lifestyle," he said.
The Prime Minister went on to highlight how India has adopted the approach of one world, one health.
During the pandemic, India found many creative ways to use digital technology in the health sector. "G7 countries can help India to take these innovations to other developing countries ...Apart from yoga, there is a valuable asset of traditional medicine in many countries of the world including India, which can be used for holistic health."
Furthermore, he recalled how WHO recently set up its Global Centre for Traditional Medicine in India. "This centre will not only become a repository of different traditional medicine systems all over the world but will also encourage more research in this area. It will benefit all the citizens of the world," he said.
Prime Minister Modi is attending this year's summit being held under the German Presidency. India is among the five partner countries invited to attend the G7 Summit.
On the second day of the summit in Elmau, the main focus of the G7 heads of state and government was continued support for Ukraine. On Sunday the Chancellor welcomed the heads of state and government of the G7 to the summit under the German presidency.
The economically strong democracies come together in Schloss Elmau for three days.
"We are united by our view of the world. We are also united by our belief in democracy and the rule of law," said Chancellor Scholz at the beginning of the summit. That will play a major role in the deliberations.
In a first working session on Sunday, the heads of state and government of the G7 discussed global economic issues. All G7 countries are concerned about the crises that are currently to be overcome - falling growth rates in some countries, rising inflation, shortages of raw materials and disruption to supply chains. These are no small challenges and it is therefore important to share responsibility, said Scholz.
"The G7 are a good community to develop joint responses to the challenges of our time. It is important that we act decisively and also as a unit. Both belong together," said the Chancellor.
PM Modi arrived in Munich on Sunday to attend the G7 summit.
He held several bilateral meetings with leaders of some of the participating countries on the sidelines of the Summit. (ANI)