Picture Courtesy (Manoj Ladwa Twitter)
Picture Courtesy (Manoj Ladwa Twitter)

Labour Party 'hijacked' by coalition of hard left extremists, Jihadi sympathisers: Manoj Ladwa

ANI | Updated: Sep 26, 2019 00:13 IST

London [UK], Sept 25 (ANI): Manoj Ladwa, CEO of UK-based media house India Inc. and former chair of Labour's Indian Community Engagement Forum, said that the Labour Party has been "hijacked" by a coalition of "hard-left extremists" and "Jihadi sympathisers".
"The Labour Party has historically enjoyed good relations with India and its diaspora community in the U.K. However, under Jeremy Corbyn this relationship has become fractured due to what can only be described as now an institutional bias against India and Indians," Ladwa said in a statement on the recent motion passed by the Labour Party on Kashmir at their annual party conference in Brighton.
"This resolution on Kashmir is ill-conceived, misinformed, and will only further alienate the vast majority of Indians from Labour. The revocation of Article 370 was both constitutional and just, giving women, minorities, LGBTQ communities the rights which this so-called 'special status' denied," Ladwa said.
"It's ironic that Labour through passing this resolution seeks the continued oppression of these communities," he added.
Ladwa stated that he left the Labour Party after 20 years "precisely because it no longer is a party of the many."
"It has been hijacked by a coalition of hard-left extremists and Jihadi sympathisers," he said.
Ladwa claimed that Corbyn's Labour Party pretends to speak in liberal terms but panders to the most illiberal ideologies.
"This is a slippery road to more divisions in British society, precisely at a time when Britain needs politicians to build bridges with all communities and friendly nations like India," he said. (ANI)