Banksy's latest art near a UK beach (Source: Banksy Instagram)
Banksy's latest art near a UK beach (Source: Banksy Instagram)

Lounging cocktail sipping rat, dancing couple on bus stop roof- Banksy reveals artworks at UK seaside resorts

ANI | Updated: Aug 14, 2021 11:21 IST

London [UK], August 14 (ANI): Secretive graffiti artist Banksy has confirmed that he is behind the 10 pieces of street art that have appeared along UK's east coast of Suffolk and Norfolk.
Banksy whose works are stencilled onto walls, bridges and buildings around the world took to Instagram to post a nearly 3-minute long clip titled "A Great British Spraycation". The clip portrays the artist dressed in clothes that makes it difficult for anybody to spot his face, stepping out from his van with a stash of spray paints and going about what he is best known to know for-graffiti. The video shows the artist going on a road trip in his beaten up camper van.
One mural on a wall facing a beach shows a rat sipping a cocktail while lounging on a deckchair. In another, a giant bird is poised over a rubbish bin full of oversized chips. The mural is so alike real life that an onlooker at first glance would get the feeling that it the bird would indeed pick up the chips in its beak and fly away. Another mural shows three children in a boat with an inscription: "We're all in the same boat."

At a bus shelter, the artist captures in black and white sketch of a couple dancing to an accordion player. The video posted by the artist, he gives a glimpse of how he manages to climb to the roof of a bus shelter using the ladder on his van to finsh the sketch during nighttime.
The video clip also captures the reactions of onlookers to his work.
In April, the Bristol-based artist posted a photo of his work-from-home life, making rats his subject. Banksy has become one of the world's best-known artists. He rose to fame with graffiti that appeared on buildings across the UK, often marked by deeply satirical undertones.
Banksy, who hails from Bristol, is known for his subversive and satirical pieces of art that are featured on street walls in different cities across the world.
His artwork has received praise from onlookers and those on social media. (ANI)