Malaysia: Murder suspects of Kim Jong-nam brought to crime scene

ANI | Updated: Oct 25, 2017 04:36 IST

Kuala Lumpur [Malaysia], October 25 (ANI): Two women, accused of killing Korean leader's half-brother Kim Jong-nam, were brought on Tuesday to Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur International Airport, where the crime took place, in order to recap the sequence of events of the fateful day.

The accused Indonesian Siti Aisyah and Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong arrived at the airport at 10:00 a.m. (0300GMT), accompanied by the judge, defense lawyers, and prosecutors.

According to Anadolu Agency, the duo, wearing bulletproof vests, were escorted by over 200 heavily armed Malaysian police, and closely guarded by sharpshooters.

The women allegedly poisoned Kim Jong-nam by rubbing VX nerve agent on his face on February 13.

The estranged half-brother of Korean leader died within 20 minutes from the chemical classified as a weapon of mass destruction.

The suspects were also brought to a nearby cafe where a man allegedly wiped a liquid on the hands of one of them before the attack took place.

The suspected women, both in their 20s have pleaded not guilty to the murder, and face death penalty if convicted. (ANI)