Chairman of British Sikh Association Lord Rami Ranger
Chairman of British Sikh Association Lord Rami Ranger

On Baisakhi, Chairman British Sikh Association advises people to 'shun misguided Sikhs'

ANI | Updated: Apr 13, 2021 10:30 IST

London [UK], April 13 (ANI): While extending greetings on the occasion of Baisakhi, Lord Rami Ranger, Chairman of the British Sikh Association advised people to ''shun misguided Sikhs''.
Lord Ranger said, "First of all, they are going totally against the teachings of Sikh Gurus and their actions diminish the respect of Sikh Gurus and their followers in the world."
Some Sikhs in Canada and UK spew venom against India while supporting the Khalistani movement.
The Chairman of the British Sikh Association advised the people, "shun such misguided Sikhs who are going against the teachings of our Gurus."
"We are as proud of India as India is proud of us. So, let us remain united and celebrate Baisakhi as one great nation," he added.
Ranger also thanked the Indian government for celebrating Baisakhi, "I am indebted to the Government of India for celebrating the life and teachings of Sikh Gurus on a national and international scale."
Lord Rami Ranger said that the Baisakhi celebration is for every Indian enjoying religious freedom in the country thanks to the sacrifice of Gurus and their followers.
"It was the 'Brotherhood of Khalsa' that stopped the relentless invasion in India via the Khyber Pass and saved Indian civilization. Therefore, Baisakhi is not just the celebration of the Sikhs, it is for every Indian who is enjoying religious freedom in India. Thanks for the supreme sacrifice of Gurus and their followers," said Ranger.
Baisakhi is a major festival in Punjab as it marks the foundation day of the Khalsa Panth' (Sikh order) by the tenth Sikh Guru, Gobind Singh.
"On this day in 1699, the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singhji established the 'Brotherhood of Khalsa' to fight against tyranny and injustice of the then Mughal Emperor - Aurangzeb," said the Chairman, adding, "the Emperor wanted to destroy diversity in India. According to Guru Gobind Singhji, diversity must be accepted, respected and if need be, defended. He defended the diversity of India as we enjoy today." (ANI)