Founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Altaf Hussain
Founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Altaf Hussain

Pak military using Baharia Town and DHA for occupying land of Sindh, says MQM founder Altaf Hussain

ANI | Updated: Jun 09, 2021 21:12 IST

London [UK], June 9 (ANI): Baharia Towns and DHAs are new tactical steps of the Pakistan military to occupy Sindh's land and for that purpose, locals are forced to quit possession of the land they have had for centuries. The Pakistan military is using Baharia Towns and DHAs for land procurement by hook or by crook. This has led to anger among the Sindhis, who are now protesting, said Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) founder Altaf Hussain.
In a video address to workers and other people, Hussain said the Pakistan military has already occupied Sindh's natural resources and now under a new scheme of expansion of Punjab, Sindh's land is being occupied and Punjabi colonies are being erected on these occupied lands of Sindh.
This the turning point in lives of permanent residents of Sindh, the Sindhis and the Mohajirs. The moment of Sindh's liberation has thus just commenced. Every inch of Sindh land will be regained, Hussain said.
He said that long before Pakistan and India emerged as independent separate states, the British Empire had occupied the sub-continent and ruled over it for more than two centuries. In order to actualize and then cement their occupation over the sub-continent, the British Masters sent British dignitaries to India who took command of various fields and assembled their army while all the work was taken from the locals and some local Indian soldiers in the British army.
The ancestors of present day Pakistan military who were in British army proudly served their English masters and used to please them in all forms from cleaning the dirt of British dogs, bathing them and polishing their boots. Today his descendants are present in the form of generals, feudal lords and vassals of Pakistan army. When the British invaded Saudi Arabia, Christian, Hindu and Sikh soldiers in the British army refused to comply with orders for targeting the Ka'aba but the army men belonging to Punjab obeyed such orders and opened fire at the Ka'aba, he said.
Hussain said Balochistan was an independent state; there was the government of Khan of Kalat until 1948. But in 1948, Balochistan was forcibly captured at gunpoint and incorporated into Pakistan.
He said that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was a popular leader of Pakistan. The army overthrew Bhutto's government. When Bhutto was imprisoned, the feudal lords of Sindh joined dictator's Majlis-e Shura. When Bhutto was hanged, PPP leaders were getting married and they didn't attend Bhutto's funeral.
He said that the feudal lords in Sindh have enslaved the poor Sindhi peasants, farmers and labourers, and they have private jails to inflict atrocities on the poor Sindhis.
Hussain said that the permanent inhabitants of Sindh are those who are related to the Sindh land, who live in Sindh, are buried in Sindh after death, and they earn and spend in Sindh.
He said that he is also a native of Sindh and his ancestors had migrated to Sindh.
He said that his identity is as a Mohajir but he made Sindh his homeland. His life is associated with Sindh.

Addressing the Sindhis, he said, "We are not going anywhere else from Sindh. The Mohajirs are permanent residents of Sindh in every way. They are the sons of Sindh. Their existence is a reality and this fact should be acknowledged."
He said that the difference between Sindhi and Mohajir was not made by Altaf Hussain but by the army.
He said that the permanent residents of Sindh are now waking up and Sindhis and Mohajirs would liberate Sindh together. The moment of Sindh's liberation has now commenced.
He saluted the Sindhis for staging a peaceful protest against the tyrannical occupation of Sindh's land by the Baharia Town at the behest of the Pakistan military.
The protest of the people of Sindh at Baharia Town was peaceful but it was converted into a violent arson and carnage incident by the puppets of Pakistan military that intermingled with the peaceful protestors, he said adding that the Pakistan military establishment always used Sindhi feuds and it was the army that imposed the devilish quota system in Sindh and for that the Pakistan military used shoulders of Bhutto and thus Sindh was divided on the basis of rural and urban.
Sixty percent of the quota system has been implemented in educational institutions and employment in Sindh for rural areas and 40 percent for urban areas. He asked whether these rural and urban divisions are not within the borders of Punjab, Baluchistan and the province but there is no such quota system there, he added.
He said that this quota system was neither implemented by the Mohajirs, nor Altaf Hussain did it. He said he was a student at a school at the time the quota system was imposed. It was for only ten years but in 1983, military dictator General Ziaul Haq elongated this demonic quota system for another ten years to please the Sindhis and despite the passage of 48 years, it is still alive. Rights of the people of urban areas are violated in the name of quota system.
He asked how many ministers are there in the current government of Sindh from urban constituencies. He said that as long as the elders of Sindh continue to serve the Pakistan military as slaves and touts, discriminatory treatment with the permanent residents of Sindh will continue to live.
Hussain said that it is a fact that people of any one race do not always live on any land but with the passage of time, people of other races are also settled there. Thus, the union of two civilizations gives birth to a new civilisation.
He said that he wanted the bridge the gap between Sindhis and Mohajirs and instead of fighting against each other, they should support each other. They should be grateful to each other.
He said that as long as he would live, he would make all efforts to unite the Mohajirs and the Sindhis.
We are not going to migrate from Sindh anywhere else; we will stay in Sindh and together with our Sindhi brothers we will liberate Sindh, he vowed.
Hussain appealed to the Sindhis and the Mohajirs to work together for their rights and also appealed to the Mohajirs to join the protest along with Sindhi protestors in future. (ANI)