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Payment made into Pakistan bank: Crown Prosecution Service told UK court in blogger's murder conspiracy

ANI | Updated: Jan 18, 2022 19:39 IST

London [UK], January 18 (ANI): On the third day of the trial of Muhammad Gohir Khan, a British- Pakistani man charged for conspiring to kill Netherlands-based blogger and activist Ahmad Waqass Goraya, the Crown Prosecution Service told the jury that the payment for the job was transferred into a Pakistani bank, reported the Dawn newspaper.
The middleman Muzamil paid nearly £5000 pounds into an Allied Bank account belonging to a Muhammad Amin Asif in Chiniot city of Pakistan, said the Crown Prosecution Service.
Separately, £4,888 was paid in the UK via Hundi transfer to cover travel expenses and to pay for PCR tests.
Mohammed Khan entered into an agreement with unknown persons or handlers described in court papers as Muzamil/Mudz/Pappa/Mush -- to travel to Netherland in order to kill Goraya.
The middleman was watchful on how to transfer the funds without being traced to the bank account. He and khan spent days discussing the way of transfer and the exchange rate.
Khan worked at a supermarket at the time to make both ends meet and was over-enthusiastic when "Muzammil" got in touch with him offering him a "project".

Earlier, the jury heard that Khan willingly agreed to become part of the plot that ran from the 16th day of February 2021 to the 24th day of June 2021.
The total deal was for £100,000 but the handler wanted £20,000 as a cut for himself without the "big boss" knowing about that and offered to pay £80,000 to Khan who agreed to the deal. The trial is set to continue this week.
Furthermore, Khan has pleaded not guilty to the charge and maintained that his intention was not to kill Goraya but to take the cash from the individuals in Pakistan.
Khan does not deny that he is the person identified by the police in the message exchanges as well as the CCTV footage at various locations, reported DAWN.
Previously, the court heard that the target received direct information from the American Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2018 that his life was in danger and then he also received threats online and in one instance inside pictures of his residence were posted online by a "troll".
When Khan persisted if the target was big or small, the handler told him it would be a "tuna" and not a "shark" and he said so in order to keep the costs down or Khan would ask for more to do the job. It was agreed that Khan will be paid the full amount only if he succeeds in killing the target, according to Geo TV.
During the interviews, Khan admitted getting into the agreement to kill the target but said he was bluffing to make money out of Mudz and had nothing against the target. (ANI)