PoK leaders demand action against Pak army officials responsible for Neelum Valley incident

ANI | Updated: Sep 21, 2017 23:16 IST

Geneva [Switzerland], Sep 21 (ANI): The leaders of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) have strongly condemned the Pakistani army's torture on youngsters in Neelum Valley and demanded strong action against the Pakistani army officials behind the heinous crime.

Four young men, who were looking for work at one of the work-sites in the Neelum Valley area of the Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir (PoK), were illegally picked up by the Pakistan Army and were brutally beaten up at the behest of a Pakistani contractor.

Jammu Kashmir National Independence Alliance President Mahmood Kashmiri said, "We condemn any kind of torture on civilians. The incident happened in Neelum Valley is very unfair. Such incidents should never happen under any circumstances. The military should be held accountable for torturing the civilians. If the authorities keep silent, then the civilians will begin to take action."

The army's brutal assaults on the civilians have instilled fear in the people residing in the PoK region.

Another leader, Jammu Kashmir Liberation League, Europe Misfar Hassan told ANI that he received the news about the incident through social media and friends, as there has not been any official information on this as of now.

He further said that the Pakistani army should work under the district administration, so that they can be brought under the legal process.

"It is not fair to beat or torture civilians. It should be investigated thoroughly and people involved, should be punished according to law as no one should be considered above the law," Hassan added.

The Pakistan Army captain has reportedly given orders to shoot locals, if seen seeking a job near any work-site in the region.

President Kashmir Freedom Movement Europe, Councillor Ghulam Hussain, told ANI, "We condemn the assault demand the guilty army officials should be put behind the bars. They should remember that people from Jammu and Kashmir are not the same as they used be, since we have access to social media now.

"Pakistan army should apologise for the torture on civilians," he added.

According to victims, "The Pakistan Army captain ordered his men to carry guns and shoot any local who is seen seeking job near work-site."

The victims have also alleged that the local authorities are "mere puppets and are bound to take orders from Islamabad."

The locals are enraged over this merciless act and have alleged that the local authorities are not doing anything against these actions of the Pakistan Army.

"I condemn this incident in strongest possible words. This is an open violation of the human rights in the PoK region and it is against humanity. Pakistani establishment is treating the people in the region like cattle. Some action is required on such behaviour," International coordinator, Dogra Sadar Sabha, Sajjad Raja said.

A video, depicting this, has also gone viral, showing the brutality of the Pakistan Army. (ANI)