Members of Baloch National Movement (BNM) have organised an awareness campaign in Berlin.
Members of Baloch National Movement (BNM) have organised an awareness campaign in Berlin.

Seminars, protests to mark August 11 as Baloch National Day

ANI | Updated: Aug 11, 2019 19:39 IST

Berlin [Germany], Aug 11 (ANI): Baloch diaspora living in Europe and other parts of the world held seminars and protests to mark August 11 as the Baloch National Day.
On this day in 1947, Balochistan was declared as an independent state. Later, on March 27, 1948, Pakistan occupied Balochistan, which was known as Kalat state.
"Balochistan got freedom from British rule on 11th Aug. 1947 but, within the months, #Pakistan Army occupied our nation on gunpoint on 27th March 1948. For 72 years, we have been struggling to get our Independence back. #BalochistanDay", said Baloch Freedom Front in its tweet.
In Berlin, Members of Baloch National Movement (BNM) organised an awareness campaign and raised the issue of enforced disappearances in Balochistan. Recently, Baloch activist Rashid Hussain was detained by Pakistani Security Force.
"BNM Germany has organized an awareness campaign against the illegal custody of Baloch activist Rashid Hussain by Pakistan Security Force. We fear that Pak forces will kill him in their torture cell and dump his mutilated body. #SaveRashidHussain," a tweet by Baloch Freedom Front read.

The BNM also hold a seminar in Berlin which was attended by several Baloch political activists from Germany and other parts of Europe.
Ashraf Sherjan, a Baloch human rights activist living in Germany, wished people of Balochistan Eid Mubaraq and Happy Independence day.
"Here's wishing the people of Balochistan Happy Eid Mubarak. Please wish the people of Balochistan Happy Independence Day... I request to all my Indian brothers to stand and support the people of Balochistan to regain their freedom, like the way India helped and supported Bangladesh in 1971," said Sherjan.
Free Balochistan Movement Organisation also organised a seminar in London to mark the day. All UK-based organisations and people, including human rights and political activists, related to Balochistan attended the event.
"The purpose of the seminar is to inform the world about the declaration of Independence of Balochistan on August 11, 1947, and almost a year later the illegal occupation of Balochistan by foreign invaders in 1948," FBM said in a statement.
"Since Balochistan's forcible and illegal occupation, the occupiers [Iran and Pakistan] have conducted nuclear tests, arbitrary disappeared and extra-judicially killed thousands of innocent people in Balochistan," the statement read. (ANI)