Swedish PM Stefan Lofven elected for second term at the Parliament on Friday
Swedish PM Stefan Lofven elected for second term at the Parliament on Friday

Swedish PM elected for second term

ANI | Updated: Jan 19, 2019 04:04 IST

Stockholm [Sweden], Jan 19 (ANI): The Swedish Parliament on Friday ended a four-month-long political uncertainty, electing Prime Minister Stefan Lofven for a second four-year term, following last September's general elections in which no political party won a majority.
About 115 lawmakers in the 349-member Swedish Parliament voted in favour of Lofven, while 153 MPs voted 'no' and 77 abstained in the no-confidence vote. To be elected as the prime minister, Lofven, a centre-left politician, did not need to secure a majority during the motion.
According to Sweden's political system, a nominee becomes a prime minister as long as a majority of the Parliament (175 members) does not vote against that individual, Al Jazeera reported.
Last week, the 61-year old Social Democratic Party leader finalised a coalition comprising the centre-right and centre-left parties in a bid to thwart the Sweden Democrats, an anti-immigration and a far-right party, from wielding any influence in policymaking.
With this, Lofven will now form a minority government with support from the Green Party, Center Party and the Liberals. He is set to present his ministers in the new government on January 21.
In the general elections held on September 9, Lofven's coalition government secured 144 seats, falling short of the 175-mark needed for a majority. The polls also saw the Sweden Democrats winning 63 seats or 17.6 per cent of the total votes, up from 49 seats or 12.9 per cent of votes in the last elections, the biggest gain by any party in the country, according to reports.
Lofven, who has been the Prime Minister since 2014, lost a mandatory no-confidence vote by securing 142 votes against 204, that threw the Nordic country into a period of political deadlock.
However, he continued to lead a transitional government till the Swedish Parliament finalised a new premier and a new government. (ANI)