Theresa May sets out plan for negotiations with EU post Brexit

ANI | Updated: Mar 03, 2018 05:22 IST

London [United Kingdom], Mar. 3 (ANI): Britain Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday expressed her wish to win over her European counterparts divided over the issue of Brexit.

While delivering a speech at Mansion House in London, May sought for a "broadest and deepest possible partnership" with the European Union, while safeguarding the interests of both the Britain and rest of Europe.

She set out five tests she said would be used to guide the U.K. through the next stage of negotiations, which include creating a lasting deal so the two sides would not find themselves back at the negotiating table in the future.

She further said that the spilt from European Union would not mean that Britain would become distant with the Union rather the referendum was a "vote to take control of our border, laws and money and a vote for wider change so that no community in Britain would ever be left behind again".

The European Union members are set to meet for a summit at the end of March. They shall discuss the negotiation strategy and focus on trade policies with Britain. This shall be taking into consideration the newer equations of foreign relations between the Union and Britain.

The EU's chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, said that he "welcomed" the prime minister's speech and the clarity it offered, which would help inform a future trade agreement after denying to a draft exit treaty published by the European Union.

The European Union had earlier accused Britain of cherry-picking by taking the best portions of the deal between the two.

"If this is cherry-picking, every trade arrangement is cherry-picking," said May, speaking directly to that accusation.

There is a possibility of Northern Ireland to remain a part of the EU to avoid the creation of a hard border with the Republic of Ireland as the latter has already given its consent to EU.

Certain leaders including former British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and John Major expressed concerns that the return to any sort of border could jeopardize the Good Friday Agreement, which had brought peace to the region after decades of conflict.

Theresa May had earlier said that having a hard border was categorically not an option, but she pointed towards alternative solutions to ensure a smooth trade flow post Brexit.

"We chose to leave; we have a responsibility to help find a solution," she said. "But we can't do it on our own. It is for all of us to work together."

Theresa has further claimed that Britain shall still be included in the customs union and single market.

She also spoke about the current jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice until the complete exit of Britain from European Union on March 29, 2019.

"EU law and the decisions made by the ECJ would continue to affect Britain. Our courts will continue to look at ECJ judgments," she said. (ANI)