Students wave Catalan flags on Thursday during a protest on Thursday
Students wave Catalan flags on Thursday during a protest on Thursday

Thousands of students march in Barcelona over Court's ruling on Catalan leaders

ANI | Updated: Oct 17, 2019 23:27 IST

Madrid [Spain], Oct 17 (ANI): Thousands of students on Thursday protested on the streets of Barcelona after Spanish Supreme Court ordered prison terms for nine former Catalan officials for their role in Catalan independence movement in 2017.
According to an official, around 25,000 people marched on Thursday, following a call sent out by the Student Union of Catalan Countries organisation, Sputnik reported.
Minor protesters stopped in front of the National Police station and some even showed up at the headquarters of the Catalan government to demonstrate against the Spanish SC's ruling.
"We want the people of the world to know that we do not agree with the Supreme Court's ruling, nor with what is going on following it," a 15-year-old protester named Emma said.
Since Monday, protests have been underway in Catalonia after Spain's Supreme Court handed jail sentences of between 9 and 13 years to 9 out of the 12 accused Catalan independence movement leaders.
As many as 20 people were detained during the Wednesday protests in Catalonia, police said on Thursday.
The independence movement leaders were convicted of sedition over their role in an independence referendum in 2017, which Spain said was illegal.
As per media reports, the Wednesday protests left as many as 41 people injured across Catalonia. Besides, over 20,000 people joined the wave of protests in the region. (ANI)