Three succumb to cold wave in Europe

ANI | Updated: Mar 04, 2018 06:37 IST

Europe [United Kingdom], Mar. 4 (ANI): Three more people succumbed to the cold waves gripping Europe on March 3.

As per the Government Center for Security, the total death toll due to weather disturbances has risen to 18 since February 26.

Another foreign citizen, aged 52, was found dead on Saturday, as reported by CNN.

Six other lost their lives in Spain till Friday.

The temperature in other parts of the continent has started coming down.

Further warnings have been issued for Ireland, Germany, Italy and Norway while the situation at Hungary and Serbia have improved.

As the weather improved in certain parts, the airports including that of Dublin and Cork started reopening.

The passengers had been warned of flight delays and flight cancellations.

The freezing winds, which were welcomed in Amsterdam, had been termed as Beast from the East in the United Kingdom. Further Storm Emma is expected to bring additional snow and ice through the temperatures started coming down gradually by Saturday.

Further entire Europe was covered with snow except for France, Italy and Spain which experienced moderate snowfall.

A stratospheric polar vortex was blamed to trigger adverse atmospheric situation. (ANI)