Top French chef Paul Bocuse dies

ANI | Updated: Jan 21, 2018 00:50 IST

Paris [France], Jan 21 (ANI): Celebrated chef Paul Bocuse, nicknamed the pope of French gastronomy, has died at the age of 91.

"Paul Bocuse is dead. Gastronomy is in mourning. Mister Paul was France. Simplicity and generosity. Excellence and the art of living. The Pope of gourmets is leaving us," France's Interior Minister Gerard Collomb, lettered on Twitter.

According to the Guardian, the French president, Emmanuel Macron, branded Bocuse as "the incarnation of French cuisine."

"His name alone sums up French gastronomy; his generosity, his respect for traditions but also his innovation," Macron said.

The Michelin-starred chef and celebrated master of haute cuisine, Bocuse was born in Lyon where he has several restaurants and a cookery school.

He was an early exponent of "nouvelle cuisine", which reinterpreted traditional French cooking using less butter and cream and focusing on fresh ingredients and stylish presentation.

Bocuse began cooking at the age of 15. "I love butter, cream and wine," he used to say, and by 1958 he had his first Michelin star.

At the time of his death, he had nine restaurants in and around the city of Lyon and several abroad, including in Japan, the US and Switzerland. (ANI)