US President Donald Trump with Queen Elizabeth II at the State Banquet in Buckingham Palace on June 3 (Photo/Reuters)
US President Donald Trump with Queen Elizabeth II at the State Banquet in Buckingham Palace on June 3 (Photo/Reuters)

Trump a controversial president, says UK Foreign Secretary

ANI | Updated: Jun 04, 2019 13:58 IST

London [UK], Jun 4 (ANI): British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt called Donald Trump a "controversial president," as the US President reached the United Kingdom on a three-day official visit on Monday.
The Foreign Secretary made the comments while speaking to The Hill.
Hunt was quick to cover up his statement though, outlining that the US leader was a "great friend" to the United Kingdom in the same breath.
"Of course, he's a very controversial president but he's also a great friend of Britain. He's been a great supporter of Britain in our post-Brexit context and we work very closely with America throughout the world so this is a celebration of our present relationship as well as what's happened in the past," the British politician said.
The official also laid emphasis on the fact that while there are differences between the UK and the USA, it doesn't mean that one of the "most important alliances in history" can't be celebrated.
"We don't agree with everything Trump says or does. We don't agree with his approach to climate change or the Iran nuclear deal, I've disagreed with him on the NHS before. But that doesn't mean we can't celebrate the fact that this is one of the most important alliances in history," he added.
"It's not just what Britain-USA did in World War II, it is the international order we created since then that has led to unparalleled peace and prosperity across the world and in that, President Trump stands rock-solid with the United Kingdom," Hunt further said while speaking to The Hill.
The US President landed in the United Kingdom for his state visit yesterday. He attended a lavish state banquet hosted by Queen Elizabeth II at the Buckingham Palace on Monday evening, apart from other engagements which included having tea with the future British monarch Prince Charles at Clarence House.
He will hold a bilateral meeting with outgoing UK Prime Minister Theresa May at Downing Street today, after attending a breakfast meeting with the British leader. His daughter and advisor, Ivanka Trump will be in attendance for the bilateral.
In the evening, the US President will be hosting a reciprocal dinner for the Royals at Winfield House -- the US Ambassador's London residence -- where the First Family of the United States is staying for the duration of the official trip.
Meanwhile, anti-Trump protests are scheduled to shadow the US President as he carries out his duties on the second day of his state visit. The 'Trump Baby' blimp is being flown by the demonstrators outside the Houses of Parliament, according to CNN, alongside a 16-foot robot version of Trump sitting on the toilet and tweeting. (ANI)