UK PM Boris Johnson (File Photo)
UK PM Boris Johnson (File Photo)

UK PM announces ease of COVID-19 restrictions, says 'don't risk all progress made'

ANI | Updated: Mar 29, 2021 14:55 IST

London [UK], March 29 (ANI): UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday announced the easing of COVID-19 restrictions amid the ongoing vaccination roll out in the country.
"Today marks the next stage of our roadmap to cautiously ease restrictions in England. As vaccines are being rolled out, it's vital that we don't overdo it and risk all the progress we've made," Prime Minister Johnson tweeted.
From Monday onwards, people can meet in a group of six people or two families can come together to meet up again. People will be allowed at various sports facilities including tennis, basketball, swimming which will be reopened along with other sports as well, he said.

The UK PM further said there is no need to stay at home any longer but many restrictions will still remain in place.
"People are advised to work from home if still possible and should avoid unnecessary travel."
"In order to restrain the transmission of possible new COVID-19 variants, people of the country won't be allowed to go abroad, he further said.
According to Johns Hopkins University, the country has so far registered 4,347,013 COVID-19 cases and 126,834 deaths. (ANI)