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UK summons Myanmar Ambassador in London over military coup

ANI | Updated: Feb 02, 2021 04:20 IST

London [UK], February 2 (ANI): The UK government summoned Myanmar's ambassador to discuss London's concerns over the military's seizure of power, British Envoy Barbara Woodward said on Monday.
State Counselor Aung Suu Kyi along with other top politicians was detained in the early hours of Monday, with Myanmar's military declaring a one-year state of emergency after weeks of escalating tensions over allegations of vote-rigging in the November election.
"Myanmar's ambassador in London has been formally summoned to hear the UK's concern," Woodward told a press conference at the UN as quoted by Sputnik.

The UN Security Council is scheduled to meet on Myanmar on Tuesday, Woodward added. Woodward said her deputy at the UN had held a "useful conversation" with Myanmar's UN envoy, who represented the toppled government, Sputnik reported further.
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier condemned the coup and detention of civilians and called on the military to respect the vote of the people.
Johnson, in a Twitter post, said, "I condemn the coup and unlawful imprisonment of civilians, including Aung San Suu Kyi, in Myanmar. The vote of the people must be respected and civilian leaders released."
Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy emerged victorious in Myanmar's November 8 election, the second since the end of military rule in the country in 2011. Myanmar's military has accused the government of conducting the recent election fraudulently and vowed last week to "take action." (ANI)