WBO launches mobile awareness campaign in London

ANI | Updated: Nov 26, 2017 17:04 IST

London [United Kingdom], Nov 26 (ANI): In its continuous effort to highlight the deteriorating human rights situation in Balochistan province of Pakistan, the World Baloch Organisation (WBO) has launched a mobile awareness campaign in London city.

Several mobile vans with huge billboards are roaming around prominent locations in the city, including the embassies of Pakistan and China. The WBO also opposes the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a multi-billion development project which passes through Balochistan.

A WBO statement said, "We also paid a visit to their embassies to remind them of their crimes against humanity".

The billboards on mobile vans read, "Raise your voice against extra-judicial killings, disappearances and torture in Balochistan by Pakistan Army".

Some billboards also read, "Free Balochistan from human rights abuses."

In its Twitter message, the WBO said, "Despite efforts from Pakistan to censor our campaign, the pursuit of peace and justice continues".

Bhawal Mengal, a representative of WBO told ANI, "Our awareness campaign continues in London despite Pakistan's efforts to suppress our voices internationally. Pakistan has failed; the voices of the oppressed cannot be suppressed for long. We have reached out to a lot of people with this campaign which has got Pakistan to panic and send their delegation to the U.K. in an attempt to further deceive the U.K. government into believing its lies about Balochistan".

It was noted that Pakistan recently opposed #FreeBalochistan campaign by WBO and messages from taxis and buses were removed by Transport for London (TfL).

The advertisements in London are similar to ones put up in Geneva in September. The timing coincided with a United Nations meet on human rights. (ANI)