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Representative Image. (Photo Credit - Reuters)
Representative Image. (Photo Credit - Reuters)

Like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan needs to change its hardline attitude for progress

ANI | Updated: Dec 22, 2021 20:00 IST

Islamabad [Pakistan], December 22 (ANI): Like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan too needs to change its hardline attitude to become progressive and to make its economy and society better.
As per Pakistan vernacular media, the measures and steps being taken by Saudi Arabia have come like a thunderbolt in Saudi society. These reforms are opening up a suppressed society.
People have accepted these reforms. It is because of these changes that Saudi is able to host Arab Expo 2030. Countries like ours (Pakistan) and people in them too will have to change to make our economy and society better, added the vernacular media.
A few days ago, such changes were visible in Saudi Arabia that has left cultural and other related sections surprised.
Last week, the Saudi Government's Religious Ministry issued orders directing masjids to apprise people through Friday addresses about the wrong preaching by Tablighi Jamaat.
Saudi Arabia banned the Tablighi Jamaat, terming it a "danger to society" and "one of the gates of terrorism".
Tablighi Jamaat is a transnational Sunni Islamic missionary movement that exhorts Muslims and encourages fellow members to follow the pure form of Sunni Islam.
Moreover, musical concerts in Saudi have also become a matter of big debate across the world. All the artists from across the world were invited to this musical concert, but none was invited from Pakistan, reported Pakistan vernacular media.
It further advises understanding the entire scenario of this change in Saudi Arabian perspectives.

By now, history has entered a new phase. Though adversaries to each other, Saudi Arabia and Israel have come closer during 2021. Though half of the Muslim world is a big supporter of the UAE for its anti-Israel statements but yet Naftali Bennett is the first Israeli Prime Minister to have paid a visit to UAE.
Compared to growing tensions with Iran, Israel is getting closer to UAE and other Gulf countries. Iran's atomic program is a major reason for both countries, Israel and UAE, coming closer now.
In Saudi Arabia, there is one dynasty rule. The Saudi rulers have perhaps realized now that some external forces are busy trying to disintegrate Saudi Arabia. Saudi rulers fear some conspiracies are being hatched to divide and break the unity of the Saudi people.
Tablighi Jamaat (Ahbab) is also on the hit-list of the Saudi government. Saudi rulers have realized that their good lies in crushing the Jamaat, reported the local media.
The sub-continent is the hub of this Jammat. Saudis connected with this Jammat including ones in jails are now being called terrorists. A big announcement has been made during Friday discourse by the Saudi government at Jama Masjid against groups like Tablighi Jamaat and others of its like Darul-Uloom Deoband.
Saudi Arabia has a major influence on cultural activities in the sub-continent. How will such fast changes in Saudi affect religious groups in the sub-continent? This too is a major and important question for us, said the vernacular media.
If we take a look, our religious groups joined hands against the Soviet Union in the past. Now that Saudi has joined hands with Israel and also put a ban on Tablighi Jamaat, should we see it as a defeat of any particular sect? No, this need not be read or taken as the defeat of any particular sect. This is in fact the defeat of those who want to keep the world under their thumb and dominate with help of philosophy, mindset or principles or as part of their agenda, added the local media.
Saudi Governments never gave any rights to women because of religion or because of Sharia. But, now they seem to have realized that it is difficult to go ahead and survive with such rigid ways.
The measures/steps being taken by Saudi Arabia have come like a thunderbolt in Saudi society. These reforms are opening up a suppressed society. Is the time of rigid system /restrictions over in Saudi now? Or, is there no longer any need for such a rigid system because of changing political needs? People have accepted these reforms.
Countries like Pakistan and its people too will have to change to make our economy and society better, said the Pakistan vernacular media. (ANI)