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4 university staffers shot dead in Turkey

ANI | Updated: Apr 05, 2018 23:14 IST

Ankara [Turkey], Apr 5 (ANI): At least four staffers from Osmangazi University in central Turkey were shot dead by a research assistant, security officials said on Thursday.

The incident took place in Eskisehir province, where the research assistant, named Volkan, allegedly killed deputy dean Mikail Yalcin, faculty secretary Fatih Ozmutlu, research assistant Yasir Armagan and associate professor Serdar Caglak, Anadolu news agency reported.

Osmangazi University's head, Hasan Gonen, said in a statement, "Volkan B. first went to the room of the faculty dean, who was not there, and then shot the faculty secretary. Later, he shot our vice dean, associate professor and a research assistant. Security guards followed him after he left the building with the gun and police apprehended him after a brief chase."

As per sources, the suspect has been arrested and the motive for the shooting is yet to be ascertained.

Turkish Governor Ozdemir Cakacak said the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office in Eskisehir province had appointed three prosecutors to probe the incident. The country's Supreme Board of Education (YOK) said the investigation had begun. (ANI)