Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesman Lior Haiat
Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesman Lior Haiat

Israel under a 'terror attack', coordinated, planned by Hamas terrorist, says country's foreign affairs ministry

ANI | Updated: May 12, 2021 22:58 IST

Tel Aviv [Israel], May 12 (ANI): Israel is under terror attack and it is coordinated and planned by the Hamas terrorist group targeting millions of civilians all over the country, said Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Lior Haiat on Wednesday.
Speaking at the virtual press briefing on the current events in Israel, Haiat said that "Israel has the rights to self-defence and we'll act to defend our citizens. Our actions are against terrorist and the terror organisation and their infrastructure."
He also said Hamas is a terror organisation responsible for killing thousands of Israelis and Palestine people.
"During the last 48 hours of Hamas rocket fire from Gaza, thousands of Israelis and Palestine have been killed and it is a double war crime. First of all targeting civilians in Israel and the second is launching the terror attack," he said.

Every rocket is been launched from the Gaza strip is a double war crime and is a terror attack, he said.
"The reason that Hamas started this military operation is internal political conflict within the Palestinian people. They are trying to show themselves as the guardian of Jerusalem in the holy places," he added.
Israel in the last few days took few measures to de-escalate or trying to de-escalate the tension.
"We expect the international community first of all to condemn the launching of missile and rockets from the Gaza strip on the Isreali population. We also expect to recognize publicly Isreal's rights to self-defence, Israel right's to stop the rocket launching from the Gaza Strip," he said.
However, the Israeli Army on Wednesday said over 1,050 rockets and mortar shells were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel since the violence broke out on Monday evening. (ANI)