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Protests hit Libyan cities over political deadlock, deteriorating living conditions

ANI | Updated: Jul 02, 2022 18:19 IST

Tripoli [Libya], July 2 (ANI/Xinhua): Protests broke out Friday in several Libyan cities over the country's political deadlock, with demonstrators demanding all existing political bodies dissolve and presidential and parliamentary elections be held as soon as possible.
According to local media, the demonstrators also protested against the deteriorating economic and security situation in the country, saying they would continue to protest until their demands are met.
Local media also said that protestors set the parliament building in the eastern city of Tobruk on fire, demanding the resignation of all its members.

Prime Minister Abdul-Hamed Dbeibah stressed his support for the protestors, as well as the need to hold elections to end the current political stalemate in the country.
"The parties obstructing the elections are known to the Libyan people. They are ones that obstructed budgets and shut down oil production, which contributed to the living crisis," he said.
Libya has been suffering escalating violence and unrest ever since the fall of the late leader Muammar Gaddafi's regime in 2011. The country is currently divided between a government that was appointed by the House of Representatives in March, and the Tripoli-based Government of National Unity that refuses to hand over office except to an elected government.
Libya failed to hold general elections in December 2021 as previously scheduled, due to disagreements over election laws among the Libyan parties. (ANI/Xinhua)