Baloch leader Mengal seeks UN interference in Balochistan issue

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Geneva [Switzerland], Sept. 22 (ANI): Staging a protest in front of the United Nation's office here on Thursday Baloch Voice Foundation president Munir Mengal urged the United Nations to interfere in the Balochistan issue. "The aim of our protest is to highlight subjugation and suppression in Balochistan by the Pakistani army. Balochistan has been occupied by Pakistan since 1948. We are protesting here and asking the UN to please intervene," Mengal told ANI. Mengal said Baloch people since long have been trying to raise their voice at different international forum against this injustice. He alleged that Islamabad is also being supported by different nations in suppressing Baloch people and plundering Balochistan's resources. On Wednesday, Baloch nationals staged a protest outside the United Nation headquarters against atrocities by Pakistan, and urged India to provide shelter to the orphaned Baloch population. Baloch National Movement (BNM) spokesperson Imtiaz Baloch said there is huge refugee crisis in Balochistan. "Baloch people have nowhere to live. Few are hiding in Dubai and few in Uganda. So, India should allow our people to live in its land. There is a huge refugee crisis in Balochistan. People in huge numbers are homeless," said Imtiaz. Imtiaz further urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to interfere and free Balochistan from the clutches of Pakistan. "We are hoping that the Indian Government will help us because India plays a significant role in our region. It's the largest democracy and can help us in freeing Balochistan from the clutches of Pakistan," he said. The protesters took to the streets and denounced Pakistan. (ANI)