Britain can still remain in EU: French President Macron to May

| Updated: Jun 14, 2017 08:26 IST

London [UK], June. 14 (ANI): French President Emmanuel Macron has conveyed to visiting British Prime Minister Theresa May, that the door remains open for the United Kingdom to stay in the European Union. Speaking at a joint press conference with May in Paris, Macron said France wants the negotiations to start as "quickly as possible", however adding, "Of course the door remains open, always open until the Brexit negotiations come to an end." "That being said a sovereign decision was taken by the British people and that is to come out of the European Union and I very much respect the decisions taken by the people, be it by the French people or the British people. "As a matter of fact in this case it's not for me to say whether or not this decision should be questioned - the decision to leave the European Union - but until the negotiations come to an end, of course there is always the possibility to re-open the door. "But let us be clear and organised and once the negotiations have started we should be well aware that it'll be more difficult to move backwards," he added. May has confirmed that Brexit talks will start next week and that the schedule for the matter remains on course, reports the Guardian. "We have been very clear we want to maintain a close relationship and a close partnership with the EU and individual member states into the future, including in the areas we've discussed this evening. "And I confirmed to President Macron that the timetable for the Brexit negotiation remains on course and will begin next week," the Prime Minister said in the press briefing. (ANI)