German sees Jordan base as potential replacement for Turkey's Incirlik

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Moscow [Russia], May 21 (ANI): The German Defence Minister has said that the Jordanian airbase, among the eight locations, is a possible alternative to relocate soldiers from Turkey's Incirlik base as it has showed a "lot of potential." "There is a lot of potential in this airbase and we were very grateful for a very positive reception and a lot of support," Russia Today quoted German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen, as saying, during the World Economic Forum's regional gathering in Jordan. Merkel is looking for an alternative to station its troops that are currently positioned in the Incirlik airbase for participating in the US-led campaign against the Islamic State terrorist organisation (ISIS). Tensions between Berlin and Ankara escalated after the Turkish Government had turned down a request by German lawmakers to visit troops stationed in the Incirlik airbase. In response, Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that Berlin would consider removing its soldiers from Turkey after Ankara refused to grant Germany's parliamentarians the permission to visit staff serving Turkish airbase. The minister inspected the Azraq air base for stationing German troops, who are participating in the US-led campaign against the Islamic State terrorist organisation. The decision to relocate the troops has not been taken yet. But the inspection was needed "in case we will have to move, we would be prepared." Turkey's refusal is linked to Germany's recent decision to grant asylum to Turkish soldiers and officials stationed at NATO bases, who have been termed as disloyal officials by Ankara after a botched coup attempt in Turkey in July 2016. (ANI)