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Moscow seeks explanation from US for sanctioning Russians

| Updated: Jun 03, 2017 18:06 IST

Moscow [Russia], June 3 (ANI): Russia's Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Vladimir Safronkov has demanded an explanation from the United States' over its move to sanction three Russian companies and one individual for their alleged ties with North Korea. "We would like to hear the US side's explanation regarding the June 1 expansion of the US sanctions on North Korea, that affected three Russian companies and one citizen of our country," Tass quoted Safronkov as saying at a session of the UN Security Council. "This move raises eyebrows and causes deep regret. We have repeatedly stated that the mechanism of unilateral restrictions is illegal from the point of view of the international law," the diplomat added. Washington extended its sanctions over North Korea on Thursday, putting three Russian companies - Ardis-Bearings Llc, Independent Petroleum Company and its subsidiary PrimorNefteProduct - and one individual - Ardis-Bearings Llc chief Igor Michurin - on its expanded blacklist for their alleged support of North Korea's weapons programs. Those added to the US blacklist would be subjected to a freeze of their US assets and a travel ban. US companies and individuals will be prohibited from carrying out any dealings with them. (ANI)