Need time to prepare for Brexit, British PM to Germany, France

| Updated: Jul 20, 2016 20:01 IST

London, July 20 (ANI): British Prime Minister Theresa May will on Wednesday inform German Chancellor Angela Merkel that she needs time to prepare for Brexit, as the former heads to Berlin for private talks with the latter. May will fly to Berlin after facing her first Prime Minister's questions against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, reports the Guardian. Talks between Merkel and May is likely to be dominated by discussion of Britain leaving the EU, trading relationship between the two countries, the migration crisis and Islamist terrorism among others. After Merkel on Thursday, May will hold talks in Paris on with the French president, François Hollande. The duo will likely hold talks on Brexit, where May would warn that the UK needs time to consult with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as different industries, before triggering formal negotiations to leave the EU. The government lawyers at the opening of the first legal challenge to the process of Brexit, yesterday confirmed that May will not push the button on article 50 of the Lisbon treaty, which initiates the UK's departure, before the end of this year. Prime Minister May who campaigned to remain in the EU, before the trip, said she had chosen to visit Berlin and Paris so soon after assuming office because she was determined to make a success of Brexit. On Tuesday, she revealed of personally taking charge of three new ministerial committees - on Brexit, the economy and social reform - to implement her priorities for government. She told her first cabinet meeting that "politics is not a game" and they must get on with the job. (ANI)