NHS England cyber attack: Hackers demand ransom in exchange for access

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

London [UK], May 12 (ANI): As over a dozen of NHS England hospitals were rendered in chaos after being hit by a large scale cyber attack, the hackers have demanded ransom in exchange of giving back access of PCs to the hospital. According to a report by the Guardian, three IT systems of the NHS sites across the country appear to have been simultaneously hit, with a pop-up message demanding a ransom in exchange for access to the PCs. The NHS Digital said it was aware of the problem and would release more details soon. The Independent reported that pop-up the message showing on computers tells users that they can recover files but only if they send USD 300 of bitcoin to a specific address. The price will rise with time and the files will eventually be deleted, the warning reads. Post the cyber attack, details of patient records and appointment schedules, as well as internal phone lines and emails, have all been rendered inaccessible. Also many hospitals were forced to divert emergency patients. The NHS Digital said in a statement, "The investigation is at an early stage but we believe the malware variant is Wanna Decryptor. At this stage we do not have any evidence that patient data has been accessed. We will continue to work with affected organisations to confirm this. NHS Digital is working closely with the National Cyber Security Centre, the Department of Health and NHS England to support affected organisations and to recommend appropriate mitigations." The statement added that the attack was not specifically targeted at the NHS and is affecting organisations from across a range of sectors. (ANI)