Pakistan's crackdown on Mohajirs brought up at UN

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Geneva [Switzerland], June 20 (ANI): In what can be termed as another exposure of Pakistan's atrocities and human rights violation on international fora, its crackdown on the Mohajir community was recently brought up at the United Nations. Drawing attention towards Pakistan's heavy-handedness on the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and Mohajir community, a UN member said it is expected that that the Government of Pakistan, instead of targeting the religious extremist outfits which threaten the peaceful society, the state is going to take extreme measures to silence Pakistani politician Altaf Hussain by charging him false and fabricated cases. "Hussain has been banned on national television, his photos cannot be displayed anywhere. His headquarters have been illegally sealed. Over 200 offices have been illegally demolished. On the other hand, posters of Taliban leaders are advertised on prime television channels as heroic figures," he added. The UN lawyer said, "The government must not be allowed to curtail the voice of Hussain." Asserting that membership of the UN is not a privilege to kill people, the lawyer said the Mohajirs are facing genocide. Batting for Mohajirs and Balochis, the lawyer raised some serious questions. He said, "They have really wiped out the entire nation of the Balochis. Who will listen to their cries? The world must time united in protection of the Mohajirs and Balochis. Has Pakistan become a rogue nation which cannot be controlled by the members of the nations?" The lawyer appealed to the world to unite in protection of the Mohajirs and Balochis. (ANI)