Russia doesn't see threat of direct confrontation with U.S. in Syria

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Moscow (Russia), June 20 (ANI): Russia's suspension of the use of a deconfliction channel over Syrian airspace with the United States will not lead to a direct confrontation with U.S. aircraft. "There is every reason to believe that if someone previously had doubts that Russia is taking all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of its aircraft flights in Syria, then these doubts will disappear with the Defense Ministry statement," Sputnik quoted Russian upper house committee chairman Victor Ozerov as saying. The U.S.-led coalition shot down the Syrian army's Su-22 aircraft on Sunday after it claimed that Syrian aircraft had attacked the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) positions south of Tabqah. Ozerov said the Russian Defense Ministry's stern reaction to the U.S. attack gave him confidence "That neither the U.S. nor anyone else will take any actions that would threaten our aviation." "In this regard, the threat of direct confrontation between the aviation of Russia and the US does not arise," the Federation Council's Committee on Defence and Security chairman said. (ANI)