Sense of insecurity among Baloch people due to CPEC: MQM

| Updated: Aug 12, 2017 11:56 IST

Berlin (Germany), Aug 11 (ANI): Veteran Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Nadeem Nusrat has said that there is a sense of insecurity among Baloch people that once China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is complete, indigenous population is most likely to be reduced to minority. Nusrat said that he sees no benefit for his province from the implementation of the CPEC projects. "People of Pakistan were not taken into confidence for China-Pakistan Economic corridor or any other projects. There is a fear among Baloch people that once CPEC is in full swing indigenous population is most likely to be reduced to perpetual minority, likewise people of Karachi are not taken into Pakistan law enforcement agencies or police," Nursat said. He further stressed, "Military establishment is working very closely over this CPEC project and too much of nomination of military agencies over civilian projects is quite questionable. By having this project in Pakistan the influence of establishment will be perpetuated it will be there for eternity this is the biggest fear among the people of Karachi and Balochistan." Nursat expressed that the true democracy should flourish in Pakistan and lamented that none of the 18 prime ministers in the country's history had ever completed their constitutional term in office. Speaking specially to ANI on the secular policies of his party, Nursat said, "MQM is the most vocal voice against extremism and the policies of Pakistan of creating terrorists as proxies to fight against India .Our party is in favour of true democracy to flourish, we want the civilian government not just to be in power as ceremonial, Civilian government must be able to create Pakistan foreign policy, domestic policy. Prime Minister is there but in the form of ceremonial position; they can deliver speeches, initiates projects but as far as true issues are concerned, he has absolutely no say." When asked about any connection between CPEC and disqualification of prime minister Nawaz Sharif, Nursat said, "One should look into the bigger picture, no civilian prime minister has ever been allowed to complete their term whether its CPEC or any other project the real truth is democracy is still not strong enough and the real issue is that the Army is not in favour of the civilian government to have absolute control over the country's matters and CPEC could be projected as one of the reasons." He further said, "Sharif desired to have good relationship with India and I am sure every civilian government will like to have good relationship with India and I am sure very civilian government and also our party will like o have cordial ties with India, Iran and Afghanistan." (ANI)