The Queen's message on Christmas Day has 8 million viewership

| Updated: Dec 27, 2016 20:05 IST

London [UK], Dec. 27 (ANI): 6,00,000 more people have watched Queen Queen Elizabeth II's message on Christmas Day this year, which has taken the viewership upto eight million. The address, in which Her Majesty talked about "the world's problems" and the ability of ordinary people to inspire the nation, was seen by 5.2 million viewers on the BBC and 2.9 million on ITV, giving a combined total of 8.1 million. It was also watched by 73,000 viewers on Sky News, reports the Telegraph. "The world has been a tumultuous place in 2016 and in tumultuous times people turn to symbols of continuity for reassurance," said Radio Times editor Ben Preston. "We might have seen some of that. It's very, very interesting that [the figures] have gone up this year." (ANI)