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Theresa May approval rating sinks as U.K. election race tightens

| Updated: Jun 04, 2017 11:00 IST

London[U.K.], June 4 (ANI): British Prime Minister Theresa May's approval ratings have shrunk to six points in the latest opinium poll ahead of the final week of campaigning. When Theresa May announced a snap election in April, she was widely expected to register a landslide victory over its rival, the Labour Party, in the upcoming national elections. But things have changed as there is a growing support for the Labour party amid Tory tax row. The research showed a two-point rise for the Labour over the past week, which means the party has narrowed the Tories' lead in the polls by more than 13 points since the start of the campaign, the Guardian reported. The sharp decline in the ratings is due to the Prime Minister's U-turn on the Conservatives' flagship social care policy and ducking debates with other leaders. On Saturday, she appeared at odds with the defence secretary, Michael Fallon, over tax pledges. While both Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party's ratings have improved, according to the Opinium research, the Tories have 43 percent of the vote, while Labour has 37 percent. If this were carried through to the election, the Conservatives would win a substantial majority. Ukip remains in fourth place on 5 percent, with the Liberal Democrats slipping slightly to 6 percent and the Greens have been squeezed with the Green Party on 2 percent. The poll comes at the end of another week of an election campaign in which May was criticised for U-turns and for shying away from exposure. This week she refused to take part in a TV debate and pulled out of interviews, sending Amber Rudd and Justine Greening to take her place. (ANI)