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UNSC to meet Syrian Prez as troops tighten grip on Aleppo

| Updated: Sep 25, 2016 23:06 IST

London [UK], Sept. 25 (ANI): The United Nations Security Council will today meet Syrian President Bashar al-Assad after his troops tightened their siege of Aleppo after another 24 hours of intense bombardment that left dozens dead and nearly two million without water. The meeting comes at the request of the United States, Britain and France, reports the Guardian. A barrage of bombs has been dropped on the city since Thursday when Assad, along with his Russian backers, abandoned the ceasefire and government forces launched a new assault on the city that was Syria's largest before the war. The attack has left US policy on Syria in disarray, with diplomats pursuing a halt in hostilities even as Assad's forces on the ground ramped up fighting using Moscow's air power as back-up. The scale and nature of the attacks have left Aleppo reeling and dozens dead. Activist groups said more than 50 bodies had been found since midnight on Friday alone. Earlier this week, the United Nations suspended aid deliveries to Syria hours after a convoy carrying humanitarian aid to rebel-held parts of Aleppo was attacked and about 20 people were killed. (ANI)