Uri terror attack: Pak sponsored terrorism exists in Kashmir, asserts Asian Human Rights Commission researcher

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Geneva [Switzerland], Sept. 18 (ANI): Asian Human Rights Commission researcher Baseer Naveed condemned the Uri terrorist attack on Sunday that killed 17 Indian Army soldiers and said there is no denying the fact that Pakistan sponsored terrorism exists in Kashmir, even though Islamabad may not be involved in this particular case. "We very much condemn this attack as innocent people are being killed. There is no respect for human life. I'm not saying that this act is by Pakistan but there is Pakistan sponsored terrorism in Kashmir. We can't say that the state is involved but the state policies are behind the uncontrollable terrorism," Naveed told ANI. "We have been saying that the Pakistani security institutions and the state itself has the ideology to promote terrorism. Now, they are claiming that they are going to control terrorism but now they cannot, as the ideology of killing others is so deep rooted and when security forces have already invested so much in terrorism," he added. Naveed said that Pakistani fundamentalist and terrorists organizations are operating freely and that is why they can easily cross into the Indian side even when there is so much security adding that the Pakistan intelligence agencies are not even able to control terrorism within the country. When asked about the existence of terrorist camps in Pakistan, he said, "Of course there are terrorist camps in Pakistan and this has been reported internationally. There are camps in Pakistan as well as India, else how can they cross into India if there is no base." 17 Indian Army soldiers were killed today in an encounter with the terrorists at the Army Brigade headquarters in Uri. This is the highest casualty the army has suffered in a single attack in years. All four terrorists have been killed in what has emerged as worse than the attack on the Pathankot air base earlier in January this year, in which seven army men were killed. In a statement, the Aamy said that a group of heavily armed terrorists targeted the rear administrative base of a unit at Uri, and in the counter action, four terrorists have been eliminated and combing operations are in progress. (ANI)