U.S. admin infected by 'Russophobia', say Russian officials post Flynn's resignation

| Updated: Feb 14, 2017 20:33 IST

Moscow [Russia], Feb. 14 (ANI): The officials in Moscow defended President Donald Trump's National Security Advisor Michael Flynn post his resignation over controversy on his Russian links and said that the U.S. administration may be infected by Russophobia. According to TASS, senior Russian Senator Konstantin Kosachev wrote on his Facebook page on Tuesday that Flynn can hardly be considered a pro-Russian politician. He added that Flynn was, however, "open for dialogue and was in Moscow" and had contacts with the Russian ambassador unlike other high ranking U.S. officials. Kosachev, who chairs Russia's Federation Council (upper house of Parliament) Committee for International Affairs, noted: "Dismissing the national security adviser for contacts with Russia's ambassador (ordinary diplomatic practice) is not just paranoia, but something much worse." "Either Trump has not gained the desired independence and he is being consistently (and not unsuccessfully) pushed into a corner, or Russophobia has already engulfed the new administration from top to bottom," he added in the post. Another official Alexei Pushkov, who is the chairman of the Federation Council Commission on Information Policy, tweeted: "Flynn out, but ross.problema remains in the White House Trump" - written by his enemies. Expulsion Flynn was the 1st act. Now the target - Trump himself." "Flynn's "left" not because of his slip, but because of the aggressive campaign unfolded. "Russian on the way out!" - Noisy newspaper. Paranoia and witch hunt," he said in another tweet. Flynn resigned on Monday following allegations of illicitly discussing sanctions with a Russian envoy. He had initially denied discussing sanctions with the Russian ambassador during the transition. Vice-President Pence also defended him in front of the media. But when reports suggested last week that sanctions may indeed have been discussed, he conceded that he could not remember with 100 percent certainty. Pence was said to be also troubled by the possibility that he was misled post the reports. In the resignation letter, Flynn said it was 'unfortunate' he 'inadvertently' briefed Vice President Pence with incomplete information regarding his phone calls with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Flynn said that he has apologised to the President and the Vice-President regarding the same, adding that his apology has been accepted. (ANI)