Missing submarine ARA San Juan found after almost an year
Missing submarine ARA San Juan found after almost an year

Argentina's missing submarine found after a year

ANI | Updated: Nov 17, 2018 22:45 IST

Buenos Aires (Argentina), Nov 17 (ANI): An Argentine submarine with 44 crew members on board, which went missing exactly a year ago, has been recovered from deep within the Atlantic Ocean.
The submarine identified as ARA San Juan was located almost 2,600 feet below the ocean's surface by a private company contracted by the Argentina government after an international search failed to find the vessel.
The New York Times quoted the Argentine Navy, who took to twitter saying, "There has been a positive identification of the #AraSanJuan." A spokesman for the navy further added, "Based on the state of the submarine, we will have to determine what happened."
The submarine disappeared during a routine trip from Ushuaia in the Patagonia region to Mar del Plata in Buenos Aires province. Eight days later, while the recovery operations were still continuing, the Argentine navy announced the news of an explosion that was recorded near the submarine's last known location, just hours after its final communication with the military on November 15, 2017.
The vessel's captain reported that water had entered the snorkel and caused one of the submarine's batteries to short circuit.
However, on the same day, the captain called back to say the issue had been resolved. The submarine was never heard from again.
The international search operation, of which the United States, Russia, Brazil, Chile, Great Britain, Norway, France, Peru, and other countries, were a part of, failed to locate the submarine. (ANI)